Coaching for Individuals

The discipline of coaching can support a variety of needs, desires, or goals you may want to pursue. If you’re uncertain what you want to pursue, schedule a complimentary Exploration and Discovery call with Brad so you can begin to clarify the direction you want to take.

Some examples of individual coaching


Sometimes, big changes in your life cause you to reevaluate your future. You can emerge into renewed optimism and focus with coaching.


Identify and understand personal values and align your actions and decisions with your values.

Somatic Triad Coaching

Incorporate whole body intelligence into your daily life using mindfulness, somatic practice, values, and knowledge retention/recall.

Leadership Coaching

Focused development for emerging or seasoned leaders to develop, refine, or enhance leadership competencies; build confidence in your own capabilities and experience; and/or integrate succession planning into your daily habits.

Coaching for Groups

Groups can also benefit from coaching, especially when there’s uncertainty around the group’s purpose or work. Contact Brad to schedule a conversation about supporting your group’s goals.


Lucidity Coaching also supports a variety of business and professional functions.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Consulting and training for organizations to understand, value, and meaningfully engage diverse people in inclusive ways.

Organizational Development Consulting

Ensure process and people receive equal focus in improving the efficacy and efficiency of doing business.

Change Management

Consulting to make change a manageable and feasible proposition for staff, clients or other stakeholders, and governing bodies.

Resource Utilization

Consulting to minimize duplication of effort, improve communications and workflow, and maximize the impact of staff time and effort.

Meeting Facilitation

Objective facilitation for organizations to achieve unified results using a variety of methods customized for your needs.

Employee Engagement Consulting

Navigating the rapidly changing environment requires a higher level of energy and focus. And it sometimes means losing site of the people who make your organization work effectively. If you need a strategy to re-engage with your staff or to create new energy around your work, I can help.

Governance Consulting

Consulting to integrate best practices for nonprofit boards of directors to ensure compliance with expectations set by the Internal Revenue Service.

Public Speaking

Lucidity Coaching offers talks intended to challenge and inspire audiences with topics such as diversity/equity/inclusion/belonging, women who lead, personal values, and nonprofit management. Contact Brad to schedule an inspiring presentation for your group, association, or staff.