What My Clients Say About My Services

“I was facing some significant life changes, including moving to a new city and changing jobs, after ending a long-term relationship. I was anxious about all the decisions and the changes they would bring. At times it felt overwhelming. Working with Brad, I realized the decisions I was making would improve the quality of my life and create positive options for the future. Now I’ve established my priorities and created concrete plans, which I’ve already put into action. I’m clear and confident with my decisions, and as a result, I feel excited about the changes I’m making!”

-Bob S.

“Brad’s direct, transparent, and empathetic coaching style helped me see how my work and personal lives intersected, and what changes I needed to make to be more effective in both. As a result of working with Brad, I have affirmed my core values and identified how they help me stay connected to my work. I also gained deeper appreciation for the struggles of other nonprofit leaders in our local community.”

-Eva Guenther-James

“I was in search of professional development, as well as better career and personal balance. Coaching allowed me to rediscover my passion for teaching so I have laid out some goals to achieve in the next year. My coaching sessions with Brad also helped me become more aware of the role I play in moving my personal and professional goals forward. My coaching engagement with Brad allowed me to solidify my sense of direction and create a roadmap to follow.”

-Cristina Gregorio

“I was in a time of great transition and was filled with fear, self-doubt, and anxiety because I was trying to do too much on my own. Working with Brad, I discovered I wasn’t as lost as I thought myself to be. I was closing myself off from receiving love and support, and not prioritizing my needs and the things that brought me joy. Now, my self-care has improved and I have rearranged my priorities to reflect who I truly am, what my heart wants, and what I value. I’m also quicker to ask for help and allow it in. I trust life more.”

-Jilliana Antoniewicz

“Brad’s powerful coaching methods impacted me greatly, creating an enduring awareness of my inherent talents which have since been fueling both my personal and professional life. My experience with Brad was a non-intrusive journey in self-discovery. One of the things that I appreciated the most was how engaged he was and his personal commitment to helping me understand my strengths and how I can apply them to potentiate my leadership skills.”

-Judi Olivas

“I originally began working with Brad to focus my mission and vision and returned to him for mentor coaching to renew my ICF credential. As always, Brad went above and beyond my expectations. I appreciated the chance to step away from trying to do it right and learn to trust that my gut instinct, my specific style as a coach, and my deep commitment to my clients are what matters. Brad was a constant reminder that I do good work, while also guiding me through areas of potential growth and improvement. The balance of both helped me continue to move forward with confidence.”

-Shannon Mead, Stack of Stones

“Brad cut through the clutter in my life, career, and personal challenges and offered a compass to begin to steer our conversations in the direction that would fulfill me as a person, wife, mother, friend, and leader. He asked questions that made me think differently and enabled me to focus on myself without feeling guilty or pressured. He supported me to make good decisions without self-doubt. Brad’s sensitivity and professionalism allowed us to have honest dialogue without judgment.”

-Roula Roe

“Brad walked with me through the challenges I had in front of me. He didn’t solve my problems, but he helped me find the solutions I needed to address them. He held a mirror up to me so I could see how I was leading or not, and helped me see where I needed to improve. He supported me to challenge the barriers I had created to my own success. It was eye-opening and empowering!”

-Scott Robinson, Boys & Girls Clubs of Cathedral City

“Brad allowed me to sound out situations and ideas before I put them into action. He made valuable suggestions that have allowed me to redefine my style of leadership. His collaborative and insightful coaching style gave me confidence in my own knowledge and experience, which allowed me to move forward without hesitation. He held such integrity around confidentiality that I was comfortable being fully transparent, which facilitated deep work on the issues I brought to the table.”

-Wes Winter, Mizell Center

“Brad is one of the gifted and giving individuals that helped me bring the positive image, of who I am, back into focus. At a time when rock bottom threatened to be more than a touching, point he stood by me, coaching me, even beyond his own vision of how I could recover. I was spiraling into despair, after a series of brutal losses, and as I did, he spoke clearly and quietly to encourage me into my own discovery. To think of solutions. To cling to, and re-run every positivity, over and over, as intensely as I was clutching the pain.?I’m on my feet, now. For now. With a clear understanding that support, a spectrum of it, including highly trained and intuitive professional help, is a gift that everyone can give themselves in the journey to finding real moments of peace and progress for the true you.”

-Shann Carr

“Brad has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I found that the sessions were very pleasurable and I looked forward to experiencing Brad’s gentle guidance each and every time. The sessions provided lots of positive reinforcement and a positive framework to help me focus and identify the changes I wanted to make in my life and career. In summary, Brad has a gift that has enabled me to transform my life and thinking and I will be forever grateful.”

-Ron Willison