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  • Hummingbirds Can Teach Humans About Resilience

    Hummingbirds Can Teach Humans About Resilience

    Once you begin to observe these creatures, it’s easy to see how hummingbirds can teach humans resilience.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you! I grew up celebrating Christmas with my family. As a kid, I learned that giving is the purpose of the season. But it was as an adult that I came to realize what that means and how much I appreciate giving to and for others. In the spirit of giving, I…

  • Social Media: In Pursuit of the Greater Good

    Social Media: In Pursuit of the Greater Good

    You’ve noticed how easily you become distressed by the volatility in social media posts. What starts as sincere conviction about a topic quickly digresses into personal insults or worse. Your humanity is both cause and cure for the way your conversations do harm or good. And you have emotional intelligence tools to manage yourself so…

  • The Resolve to Be Better

    The Resolve to Be Better

    My friend Steve stands out in a crowd. Partly because he’s 6’4”, but mostly because he’s gregarious and has an energy that attracts people. For all the years I’ve known him, he’s been a symbol to me of a thriving, healthy person. So it was difficult to read he has cancer. And it was even…

  • Mothers Day Revisited

    Mothers Day Revisited

    A friend of mine shared a video of her sermon to her congregation on Mothers Day. She introduced the video with a brief disclaimer stating that she wasn’t sure if her mother would approve of her sharing some of the parts of her life. My friend’s mother was a teacher, so I suspect she would…