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  • Ornaments That Tell a Story

    Ornaments That Tell a Story

    Christmas is a time to reflect on the gifts you’ve received and to find ways to see and bring joy to yourself and others.

  • Turning the Page to 2018

    Turning the Page to 2018

    December 31; the last day of our calendar year. Today is a great day to look back, reflect, smile, laugh, cry, or simply be present with what happened over the last year. It’s also a great time to give yourself some words of encouragement for the year ahead. We’re each a bit wiser for the…

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you! I grew up celebrating Christmas with my family. As a kid, I learned that giving is the purpose of the season. But it was as an adult that I came to realize what that means and how much I appreciate giving to and for others. In the spirit of giving, I…