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  • The Importance of Kindness in Love

    The Importance of Kindness in Love

    Kindness and respect can be nurtured in your romantic relationships at any stage. But it requires conscious effort.

  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you! I grew up celebrating Christmas with my family. As a kid, I learned that giving is the purpose of the season. But it was as an adult that I came to realize what that means and how much I appreciate giving to and for others. In the spirit of giving, I…

  • Redefining Gratitude

    Redefining Gratitude

    There’s no shortage of social media posts about gratitude – it’s that time of year. Gratitude comes easy in November, but what about February or August – how do you sustain it all year long? What is gratitude? I’m a word nerd, so I did some internet research on the meaning of gratitude. The GNU…