Brad Talks Governance with Steven Halasnik

In nonprofit governance, effective board relations is instrumental in ensuring the organization’s longevity, impact, and sustainability. By following this strategy encompassing transparent communication, role clarification, diversity, education, engagement, strategic planning, committees, evaluation, and relationship building, nonprofits can pave the way for good governance and successful mission fulfillment. 

As the nonprofit landscape evolves, a dedicated and united board will remain a driving force behind the organization’s meaningful contributions to society.

In this podcast, Brad joins host Steven Halasnik of Financing Solutions, a leading provider of business loans for nonprofits, to discuss nonprofit board relations, a fool-proof strategy for good governance. Click the image below to hear the podcast.

About Steven Halasnik, the Nonprofit MBA Podcast, and Financing Solutions

Steven Halasnik co-founded Financing Solutions, the leading provider of lines of credit for nonprofits and church financing. The credit line program for nonprofits and churches is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up, making it a great backup plan when cash flow is temporarily down. Mr. Halasnik is also the host of the popular Nonprofit MBA Podcast. The podcast brings experts to discuss fundraising, nonprofit grants, executive director leadership, nonprofit boards, and other important topics. You can learn more about the nonprofit line of credit program here or call 862-207-4118.

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